What it takes to be bold and push limits

I had my good share on bold decisions and pushing limits from moving to the USA, getting a full scholarship into Georgetown and later quitting my World Bank career to see if I could become a professional cyclist.

I failed multiple times to make my passion for cycling to my job. I started to believe that a job you love does not exist. With 30 years, I left my management consulting job and moved with nothing but my bike to the other side of the world. I had no plan but a one-hotel night stay and a six-week car rental. My mission? To find my purpose in life. One year later I set a seemingly impossible record.

My life is marked by bold decisions, by constantly pushing boundaries - whether academically, professionally or athletically. Every success outwits many doubts, obstacles and failures. Most people don't talk about it. I do.

I am scared, anxious and worried like everyone else. But why I do it anyway and what it takes, that is what I share in my book, talks and workshops while mentoring others through bold steps and pushing limits.

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