Mission: Live to your full potential!

I realized early on in life that living "mediocre" doesn't work for me. I consider myself to be a passionate and energetic person and if something doesn't excite me, I am pretty bad in faking it. Thus, my mission has become to live a life that I am passionate about, where I can be just myself and that I live to my fullest potential. 

This life mission does not come easily. I have been taking very bold, unpopular decisions in my life - academically, professionally and athletically.

I moved to the USA on my own, receiving degrees from prestigious universities and climbing up the career ladder only to realize that status and money was not my definition of living to my fullest potential. Instead, it was a piece of carbon with two wheels. So rather than a thriving career, I quit my job to become a poor professional cyclist. And failed. 

Not only once, but I failed multiple times to make my passion for cycling to my job. I started to believe that a job I love does not exist. With 30 years, I left my management consulting job and moved with nothing but my bike to the other side of the world. I had no plan but a one-hotel night stay and a six-week car rental.

My mission? Not to settle before I truly live to my fullest potential.

It became a huge learning curve of what it means to search for the purpose of life and living to one`s full potential. I started to see patterns and developed the RAD method which helped me to set a seemingly impossible record one year later. 

Since then, I have been living by this method being able to make especially bold and risky decisions easier. I am not guided by fear but by opportunities. 

This #liveRAD newsletter is filled with tips and inspirational stories based on this method to help you to live to your fullest potential. 

If you feel that you are not getting the most out of your life or if you want some inspiration to help make a bold decision, then you might enjoy this LiveRAD newsletter!

All the very best,


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